Monthly weight loss stats 9.2013

Highest weight this month 163. Lowest weight this month 155. Today’s weight 156.

October goals : Complete crunch challenge.  Get under 150. Continue to log calories and exercise with my fitness pal.


Alba Naturals product line

Time to bring out the big guns. I’ve added the scrub, spot treatment, and oil control lotion to complete the acnedote line.
Although my face totally freaked out on me this week I am more than confident that this line will work. I will keep everyone posted. Next acne update will be 10.15.13.

This is a picture of the scrub. I like it. It felt like my skin was being gently buffed and not scrubbed raw. Also it rinsed cleaned and didn’t leave behind any film.


Acne update 9.29.13 pictures

My skin freaked out on me this weekend. 


Earlier this month

When I compare photos it appears that my skin has gotten worse. However my “cycle” started this week which really gets my skin erupting. So I will continue with the Alba products and I’ve added the scrub, spot treatment, and oil control lotion from the same line. Next Acne Update will be 10.15.13.

331 stair climb

Fall is upon us and I love finding new fun exciting ways to challenge myself. Tomorrow I will be heading to the Soilders’ and Sailors’ Monument to climb the stairs. I have done this in the past and was able to go up and then took the elevator down. What I remember is feeling very out of shape and really sore everywhere south of my navel.

Well tomorrows new challenge is to do the monument stairs 3 times. That is 331 stairs up and 331 stairs down 3 times. I can only hope I don’t die, that I can complete the challenge and that it doesn’t take over a hour.

As always I will be blogging about my experience for your amusement.


Quick Acne Update

The alba natural products that I’ve been using seem to help. My lower jawl line is no longer hurting. I have been using the cleanser and astringent twice a day. This Saturday it will be 7 consistent days of usage and I will post a update picture. I also plan to purchase the face scrub,  spot treatment gel and oil fighting moisturizer by the same line.