Acne, Acne, and More Acne! PICTURE

Adult hormonal cystic acne is the clinical name for what I am dealing with now. Having adult cystic acne is probably the worst thing that I could be dealing with. In addition to the smaller bladder ( a perk that comes along with being over 30 ) dating  with kids after a divorce, recently moving, trying to lose weight, and being the new kid on the block at work. This is not the time for my skin to freak out on me.

I have a new dermatologist and my first treatment was to continue to take my birth control, add antibiotics, and a topical cream. The antibiotics actually cancel out my birth control pills. So 30 days later,I have no marked improvement. I  think my skin looks worse. I am a prime candidate for Accutane. So in order to get my first rx I have to take a confirmed negative pregnancy test. I crossed my fingers, prayed that it would be negative and let the urine flow. A few glorious minutes later I produced a negative test. I called the receptionist at the dermatologist office to report my results and pending a negative test at a lab before my next appointment I will be team Accutane in less that 30 days.

So who would wants to see a before picture? This was taken the day before my last appointment. The below picture is on freshly washed skin, no make-up.

Acne 1


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