October Weight loss Stats

Highest weight this month 159. Lowest weight this month 154. Today’s weight 159.

November goals :  Get under 150. Start logging calories and exercise with my fitness pal. Start tapouT XT. A 90 day program.

TapouT XT


How bad do you want it? Acne post

How bad do you want it is a question I ask myself several times a day.  The answer oftentimes determines my next move. 
I have to want my results more than I want to quit and that motivates me.  How bad do I want clear skin? Bad enough to take Accutane? Bad enough to deal with the monthly pregnancy test,  quiz,  side effects and doctors appointments.  Bad enough to remain transparent and stick with it and blog about it. Probably even more than that.  The next time you are feeling discouraged or purposeless take time out to ask yourself How bad do you want it and let the answer to that question direct you to your next step.


Chillin with my son. He says I’m beautiful. He doesn’t care about my acne.

Dry vacation

I  am on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN.  I am the only one not drinking alcohol.  Hasn’t been to bad.  It has actually saved a lot of money. I don’t need alcohol to enjoy myself. 
I went on a hike. Finished my first short story for publishing and cooked.  I’ve had a great time doing what I love; cooking, writing, being outdoors, making people laugh and reflecting on life.  It has been refreshing to unhook the laptop, go without cell signals and just enjoy life.
No drinking on Accutane.  Not a bad life at all. 



Day 12 Accutane updated- Picture

My face is extremely irritated today.  I think I am going to use the face wash only and not the scrub for about a week to see if that helps.  I am seeing cystic eruptions all over my cheeks. Redness around my nose and more pimples on my forehead.  This is the first time in a while where I have had all types of acne (pimples, blackheads, white heads, and cystic acne)  at the same Damn Time! I am trying to stay optimistic about the process because everyone says that it get worse before it gets better. I will admit that it makes me a little self conscious to think that people are staring at my acne when I’m talking to them. Here are the pictures


70’s Day at Work

Day’s like today make me happy.  I’m glad I committed to a healthier lifestyle because this fabric isn’t very forgiving.  This is what I look like at 156 pounds. 


My goal is to get under 150 lbs by the end of the year.  With the holidays approaching I have to keep my goals attainable and maintainable.