Something for the Single Christian Ladies

If only he had a passion for Christ like I do. If only he was saved like me. If only he would read the bible like I do. If only he would pray like I do. If only he would attend church like I do. If only he had a relationship with Christ like I do. If only he had a desire to be saved and sanctified he would be perfect. Listen up single Christian ladies it is God’s intent to bless you with a PARTNER not a PROJECT.

Jeramiah 29:11 NIV states:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

It is not Gods’ will to have us unequally yoked.

2Corithians 6:14 NIV states

 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

                By no means am I saying that your MR. Right is going to be 100% Right when you met him. What I am saying is to think about where you are in your walk. If you want someone who is going to compliment your walk and help push you closer to God then he should have some kind of foundation as well. How can someone push you closer to a God they have no relationship with? If you are with someone you obviously would want them to spend time with you. If you spend a great amount of time at church, or serving you would want them to as well. It doesn’t profit you to go to church and spend the whole time thinking about the man you left at home. You will not enjoy yourself or place yourself in a position to receive what you need out of service when your thoughts are distracted.

                Christian Single Ladies we must do better. We can not continue to pray until we pass out and continue to cry ourselves to sleep at night over a man who has no desire to be on the same page as us. We can not trick ourselves into believing if I just pray enough, live right enough, love hard enough he will change. We can not compromise on what we believe in our heart just so it can make sense in our head. We can not continue to be torn between satisfying a man and serving God. We must do better.

Single and Not Ready to Mingle


I’ve moved on, family catch up.

     What happens when the family doesn’t get the memo? You’ve broken up with someone. You have deleted all the texts. You have cut up all the pictures. You have deleted your “couple existence” on social media but for some reason your family just wont let it go? Your mom still is hanging on to pictures; some are even displayed in her home. Your dad still feels the need to refer to that ex his son and they even call and hangout sometimes.
     I broke up with you (yay me) and gotten over it but why oh why can’t the family just let it go. Sure we have kids together but does that mean I want you to be invited to MY family events? NO! Does that mean that I want my family to keep reaching out to you and trying to keep in touch with you? NO! Does that mean that if I am visiting my parents’ house I want to pull up and see you there? NO! Of course we all have the family member or friend who just keeps asking, oh how is SO and SO doing… My first thought is always why do you even care or is this just an attempt to strike up a conversation.
     Listen up family and friends. If I break up with someone, you break up with them as well. If you chose not to break up when I break up, don’t expect me to support it. Condone it. Encourage it. I’ve moved on and I give you permission to do so as well.

Single and Not Ready to Mingle

Guilt is not part of the healing process

Stop allowing people to make you fell bad for the things that God has all ready forgiven you for. Allowing yourself to feel bad or feel sorry is not a part of the process. Journal, scream, workout, do some retail therapy, dance, pray, meditate, laugh, do whatever you need to do to feel happy and good about you. It is natural to want others to support what we do. At some point you have to be your own cheerleader. You have to care about yourself more than you care about the opinions of others. You have to do for yourself what you wish others would do for you. Life is a individualized journey. So go ahead and be awesome!