Waist training

What is waist training? Waist training is used to gradually reduce the waist by using a latex waist trainer or a corset. I am waist training with a two row corset size 34. I have lost over 50 pounds now but I have not been satisfied with my stomach since I’ve had 2 c-sec. Before I had kids I always had a small waist and through diet and exercise I know I can have it again. When I am wearing my waist trainer I am measuring at a 26 inch waist I  plan to train until I am on hook one with this trainer and then move to corset size 32 and train until I am on hook one for maintenance.



Getting waisted!


I’m clueless!

Ok. I admit it. I am so out of the dating game. Exchanging numbers is easy but what should happen next? Who should call or text first? How long should you wait before you interact? It’s always a thin line between being interested and being overzealous, so I usually just follow the mans lead. “The Guy” from the mixer texted me first to make sure I had his number and name locked in. The whole next day I’m going over in my mind should I call? Should I text? Should I tell him it was nice meeting him and I look forward to seeing him again? Is he going to think I am a creeper? I wrote and erased several texts before he finally just called me and we had our first of many phone conversations.
For those of you who don’t know my 9-5 is being a customer service agent. I’m on the phone solving issues all day and it’s rare that I want to or enjoying talking on the phone outside of that. So when I say I enjoy talking to ” The Guy” it is a rarity for me. It’s just good getting to know someone and having conversations of substance. I would consider this mingling.

                                                                                   Single and dabbling in mingling!

Single mixer event

Guess who mingled, and mingled well ? That would be me! Last Friday I had a girlfriend date. First I met up with my Pink Promise Indy sisters. We are a group of ladies who have made the conscious decision to honor God with our lives, hearts, and bodies. We met for sushi and girl talk and had a great discussion about the difference between courting and dating.
Later that night I met up with writemind, (follow her blog at http://www.wordsbywritemind.com/apps/blog) for a networking singles mixer. I don’t have anything to promote yet ( aside from my lovely blog) but I am glad I went for suppot. I met a hopeless romantic, a cancer, who told me about his heartbreak. He had a artsy vibe and dreamy eyes. Next we met a friendly yet socially awkward guy who told us a bogus yet funny story about being a jig-a-lo. Finally, I met a cute chocolate man with dimples and a cool quiet demeanour. Our conversation flowed effortlessly from one topic to the next with no awkward pauses. I told him if I won the door prize I would take him out, and if he won he would take me out. We shook on it and I won the door prize. I really wanted to dance but I’m waist training and could barely breathe, so I had to pass. He walked us to the car and we made plans to link up in the coming weeks.
Single and not quite ready to Mingle but open to the possibilities!

So about that single life

Okay there are a few things that I wish men knew about me. First off being single and being interested are two entirely different things. Me being single does not equate interest in you. It does not obligate me to exchange numbers or entertain a conversation. I don’t feel bad about being single and I don’t allow others to make me feel bad about it either. I don’t chase men. While I will show that I am interested, those who desire someone who is going to call them, text them, and send frequent pictures all day need not apply. I am just not that kind of a girl. I have interests that far extend pass the interest in the opposite sex and anyone looking to date me should as well. A well planned date to the park, art show, hiking, working out or eating at restaurants (no chains) will get you a call back and probably another date. Phrases like “Whatever you want to do” “Why you go to church all the time” and “ I can come over after you put the kids to sleep” will likely land you on the blocked caller list. The thing is I really try not to be bitter about this whole dating thing. I really do try to let my guard down. I just haven’t met anyone who makes me want to dive in and through caution to the wind.

So about that single life…

Single and Not ready to Mingle

Why did you go natural?


This is a question that I get asked frequently, these days. I have “gone natural” at least 10 times. I wish I had some deep prolific answer but honestly I don’t like to do my hair and low maintenance just fits my lifestyle. I haven’t actually combed or brushed it in about 3 days. As it grows longer I will have to do some maintenance but for now I am satisfied if I get out of the door and I don’t have any lint in my hair. It’s was hard for me to workout and maintain a nice set of hair. I don’t have hours to waste at a salon. I desire to be healthy – mind, body, and soul and going natural was really just a natural progression toward the healthier more holistic lifestyle that I desire.


      Single and Not Ready to Mingle