Peace seeking mission


During a conversation with my mom she said, “Always follow your heart. It will lead you to the one who brings you closer to your peace.” My moms’ infamous 2 liners always resonate with me, and give me something to ponder. When I think about my last two very serious relationships (the one with my ex husband, and the most recent relationship I got out of) they didn’t lead me closer to my peace. With my ex husband initially when we met I was his peace, his escape, his bridge between his current situation and his future. While I know what I was to him, I can’t say that he helped bring me closer to my peace. In fact towards the end of that relationship I was further away from peace and anything that looked like or resembled peace. I was close to being outside of my mind; I was depressed and needed God and anti- depressants to come up out of that pit. Peace was very far away. With the last relationship I was in there was never any peace. The glue that kept us together was sex, passion, lies, deceit, and drama, anything but peace.


Could it be that while on the quest for love, I should have been on the quest for peace? I have found that where there is peace there is love but where there is love there isn’t always peace. A road paved with peace and love will lead you on a journey to a place where happiness grows in abundance. Always fall for the one who brings you closer to your peace.
 No longer single and ready to mingle, currently on a peace seeking mission.



Go fund me Campaign

 Just a quick update

 I have certainly missed blogging. I have been busy trying to raise $3000.00 for my sister to attend Howard University. I have a really strong bond with my sister and I wrote about her in a previous blog

 We have a go fund me account, I have been panhandling, I’ve posted flyers, done presentations, completed a candy fundraiser and  a fish fry. I have been super busy. The link to her campaign is  This summer she worked over 70 hours a week. She sacrificed hanging out with her friends, sleeping in late, and other typical teenage things in order to save money for college. Our mother recently lost her job and which caused an unforeseen financial strain on our family. My sister graduated in the top 10% of her class and she has completed financial aid, scholarships, etc. but we still came up $3000.00 short. She is majoring in biology with the goal of becoming a pediatric oncologist. I believe strongly in college and I know with education the possibilities are endless. I never finished college. I became bored, overwhelmed, depressed and decided to come home instead of wasting money trying to figure out what I want to do as a career. As a result of not finishing college I have been stuck in jobs that I am good at but not challenged, not appropriately compensated, and not promoted in a timely fashion. I never want to see my sister in this same situation so I am doing everything that I can to make sure she gets in college, stays in college, and not get sidetracked. As an adult it can be very stressful worrying about how to make ends met and I never want finances to be the reason she is distracted from school. I believe in my sister so I invest in her. I know that there are others who believe in her dream and are willing to play a part in her success. I hope that all of my blog readers will make a donation, consider sharing her link and just look for ways to invest in our youths.