Kwa Heri

I don’t like long drawn out goodbyes. I never have. I am such a cut and dry person. I deal best in the black and white areas of it all. I become quickly agitated and uninterested when it comes to playing guessing games, existing in the grey area, or if things just don’t seem to add up. The unfortunate thing is when dealing with the opposite sex; they don’t often realize that I have gotten to this point until it’s too late. Once I have decided that I am going to proceed with something I give it my full 100%. The same thing applies if I am finished with something, I am 100% finished. It may have something to do with being a Taurus. I hear we are stubborn. So while it may take me a while to come up with a decision (the hesitation is because I like to weigh all options carefully) once a decision is made its final.
Le sigh
Kwa Heri


The cold hard truth. Who’s courting who?

Have you ever feel in love with potentional? It’s so easy to do, but women must be careful to never be so focused on the future that it deflects from the current reality. Sure the guy you are dating may be working on his self, building a business, finishing a degree or a plethora of other things but in the mist of it all if he is serious about you and interested his actions will indicate such.
So who’s counting who? Women by nature are caring, nutring, loving and expressive, but while you are calling, texting, scheduling dates, and doing sweet little things to let him know you care ask yourself if reciprocity is being exercised. If you can answer no then you must take the necessary steps to either change your situation or leave it alone. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for continued disappointment.
Relax. What is meant to be will be and it won’t have to be forced. It will be a source of happiness and not a added stress. Oftentimes the answers we seek are plainly before us. Don’t let potential emotions cloud present day reality.
The cold hard truth,
Whose courting who?


1 year acne update


Well here is my one year acne update. Wanna see a comparison photo?


Looking at these pictures almost makes me wanna cry. In my before picture my life was a mess, my relationship was a controlled chaos, my diet was out of control, I was drinking and just not making very good decisions. I was treating my acne on the outside, but not doing my part for complete total health, – mind, body and soul.

In the after picture WOW what a difference. I’ve been taking care of myself on the inside by watching what I eat, praying more, reading more, and taking better care of my mental health. Things that used to really bother me I just don’t let it effect me the same. The Guy has helped me see situations and especially men in a more favorable light. I’m in a good head space, enjoying life, and it shows.

Last year i proclaimed Acne is my life. This year I proclaim Happiness is all mine!