Single braids on 3c 4a blend hair



It took me about 3 hours to complete this look on my 5 year old daughter. Hair was previously washed and doubled twisted. No hair extensions used. Style should last a month with frequent washing ( its swimming and camping season) and nightly bonnet usage.
Natural State of Mind!


My curl confessions

I was tagged by the lovely beautifullymane at to list my curl confessions.
So here I am. Enjoy!

My curl confessions.

1. I color my own hair.
2. I love going to the barbershop. All of the testosterone makes me smile.
3. My hair is coarse and nappy. Neither word offends me.
4. My sister is my go to guru of natural hair.
5. I only buy hair products that smell good.
6. I’ve been natural at least 10 times and I’ve never transitioned. I’ve always just went to the barbershop and got a high fade or a ceaser.
7. I am a self proclaimed lazy natural. I don’t read labels. I don’t know my hair porosity. I don’t watch blogs. Occasionally I use grease. I don’t use any particular regimen. I spend less than 5 minutes in the morning on my hair. Today I wet it, used Shea Moisture Curl soufflé , and followed up with coconut oil. I rubbed it all in and that was it. No comb, pick, or brush.
8. I let people touch my hair, if they ask first.
9. My hair hates no poo’ing.
10. My hair loves coconut oil.

Bonus confession:
I will never make my own hair products.

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Why did you go natural?


This is a question that I get asked frequently, these days. I have “gone natural” at least 10 times. I wish I had some deep prolific answer but honestly I don’t like to do my hair and low maintenance just fits my lifestyle. I haven’t actually combed or brushed it in about 3 days. As it grows longer I will have to do some maintenance but for now I am satisfied if I get out of the door and I don’t have any lint in my hair. It’s was hard for me to workout and maintain a nice set of hair. I don’t have hours to waste at a salon. I desire to be healthy – mind, body, and soul and going natural was really just a natural progression toward the healthier more holistic lifestyle that I desire.


      Single and Not Ready to Mingle

Braids, natural, relaxed and back again.

The last two months have been a rollercoaster ride for me and boy does my hair show it. I took out braids. Rocked my natural hair for 2 weeks. Got a relaxer cut and color and rocked if for a month and now I am bald by choice.

Cutting my hair is always a liberating experience for me. I could feel my energy changing with each pass of the clippers.
I feel so happy and confident with my short hair. It gives me one less excuse when it comes to working out and one less thing to do in the morning.

Individual braids on 4a hair

I enjoyed braiding my daughters hair this time. We watched cartoons, had a break for breakfast with lots of hugs and kisses in between. Three hours later and I get a smile and a style that should hopefully last 3 weeks. This is her natural hair with no extensions. Love your hair and your hair will love you back.

Cute Natural 4B and 4C hairstyles done by me