Sauceless in the City

What is sauce?

Sauce is used to describe someone who has style, grace, confidence, a magnetic smile. Someone who is considered attractive and generally described to others as out of their league. People think that a woman with a lot of sauce can have their pick when it comes to dating and dating prospects.

Well I  consider myself sauceless in the city because I keep coming up short in the men, slash dating, slash relationship, slash meeting people department. Over the years I have tried Tinder, letting friends hook me up, mixers ( remember the guy) ,  Facebook and even meeting people face to face but seemingly all roads lead to Singleville.

I’m sauceless in the city and this is my story.


Tea Time

In a reflective moment at the end of a busy day, I sip my Chill the f@&$ out tea. I wonder if the universe is sending me a message. Do I need to chill the f@&$ out? I’m not really big on expletives but I never underestimate a strategically placed one. After all it is the name of the tea.
I’ve had one of those busy high activity days but I did dance for a hour to a mix I found on YouTube, and that really made me sweat and smile. My kids even joined me for a few songs. So here I am at the end of the day literally , thinking of all the things that made me smile today. I sung a funny song about a ocelot with writeMind , I saw The Guy briefly, I chatted with my mom who was at Walmart during lunch, I wore 5 inch strappy heels to work just because, I danced for a hour and did FaceTime with my little sister. My family and friends bring me so much joy, peace, love and happiness just by existing and I can only hope that I interject those same feelings to those I come in contact with. At the end of the day it’s just me, God, my feelings, and a few thoughts. We’re all connected.