Sauceless in the City

What is sauce?

Sauce is used to describe someone who has style, grace, confidence, a magnetic smile. Someone who is considered attractive and generally described to others as out of their league. People think that a woman with a lot of sauce can have their pick when it comes to dating and dating prospects.

Well I  consider myself sauceless in the city because I keep coming up short in the men, slash dating, slash relationship, slash meeting people department. Over the years I have tried Tinder, letting friends hook me up, mixers ( remember the guy) ,  Facebook and even meeting people face to face but seemingly all roads lead to Singleville.

I’m sauceless in the city and this is my story.

A moment of solitude

I don’t always want to be pursued, dated, courted. On most days I don’t yearn for a mate, and I don’t desire to exist in the confines of a relationship. I don’t always desire to be one half of a whole. I feel very complete just here by myself.
I would like a hand to hold. A shoulder to lay my head on, a extra set of ears to enjoy listening to the wind stirring the leaves simultaneously creating a beautiful unintentional melody on a wind chime. The rhythmic breathing, in sync heartbeat, that is not my own. A moment of solitude. To bask in a shared peaceful moment. To quiet my thoughts. To hear from the universe. Stolen moments. To know that the world can be mean, cold, and chaotic but I am untouchable because I am peaceful, lovable and full of joy. Just because I exist. I am wonderfully made. I am a dreamer.